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Oscars Best Documentary Feature Contender “Courage” Fundraiser Screenings in San Francisco&Portland

Support Political Prisoners / Belarus Solidarity Fund

About the film: “It takes courage to survive in a country like Belarus.” Patiently and insistently, Courage uses the example of three theatre actors to depict the mass protests against Lukashenko – as a historical opportunity, a personal trauma and a dream of humanity.
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About Oscars Best Documentary Feature Contender “Courage” Fundraiser Screenings in San Francisco&Portland

“Courage” is a documentary film by director Alyaksiei Paluyan, it is an inspiring and encouraging documentary about the peaceful uprising of a nation in Belarus against injustice and the brutal oppression of their democracy movements.

Introduction to the documentary and following Q&A after the viewing will be conducted by the director Aliaksei Paluyan. 

Documentary "Courage is on the longlist of the Oscars Best Documentary Feature category this year. 

In lieu of paying for tickets, we encourage you to make a donation to support political prisoners in Belarus:

As of December 14th, 920 people in Belarus are considered as political prisoners!

Bloggers, businessmen, presidential campaign members and peaceful protesters are held in prisons only because they were not afraid to exercise their rights - the right to participate in peaceful assemblies, to express their opinion and to be involved in political activities.

Most of these people were targeted by politically motivated criminal prosecution in connection with the events that took place during and after the presidential election of August 2020.

What will the funds be used for? 

All the raised funds will be transferred to the political prisoners and their families in Belarus via Belarusian Solidarity Fund. The aim is to cover their basic needs. 

HRF is a 501(c)3 charity organization and any funds donated are tax-deductible in the USA.