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We, Belarusians of Seattle, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Great Britain, are supporting employees of Naftan refinery on strike in their struggle for civil rights.
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About Belarusians of Seattle for Naftan

Belarusian expat communities in Seattle, Philadelphia, Los Angeles (USA) and Great Britain joined forces to raise funds and support the workers of Naftan - the largest state-owned oil refinery in Belarus - who have suffered repressions for their demand for democracy and justice in the country. 

Why are we raising money for the Naftan workers on strike? 

  • We believe that a strike is the most effective means of peaceful protest against violent suppression of civil and human rights that is taking place in Belarus right now. 
  • Because we simply cannot accept the bravest people to be punished the most. 

Why Naftan? 

Naftan refinery is one of the most lucrative companies in Belarusian economy and the key piece of corrupt schemes that fund dictator Lukashenko and his affiliates. Hence the economic effect of growing strike on Naftan will be the most damaging for the oppressive regime. 
Back in August 2020, after rigged presidential elections in Belarus, more than 3,000 of outraged Naftan workers signed the open letter demanding the end of political repressions, and criminal investigation of tortures and murders by state police. By threats and targeted layoffs pro-state management strangled the mass strike. Yet the most active strikers are still continuing their struggle for justice and respect to human rights under constant pressure from the management, government and police. 
Currently economic sanctions are imposed on Naftan refinery by the United States. Nevertheless, according to sources, many partners continue to work with it by supplying raw materials and buying its production. Significant portion of Naftan strike's activity is devoted to uncovering and exposing those roundabout schemes.

What will the funds be used for? 

All the raised funds are transferred directly to workers in Belarus via Belarusian Solidarity Fund (bysol.org) on the monthly basis. The aim is to cover their basic needs and legal expenses. Recipients are carefully vetted by Naftan strike committee and Independent Trade Union. All collected funds are divided equally among strikers. 

Since July 2021, we forward part of the collected funds to Rabochy Rukh campaign that is focused on consolidation of the striking movement in the country and more proactive resistance to Lukashenka's regime. 

Current statistics of fund transfer:






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In addition, $40,503 has been transferred to Rabochy Rukh.

We would like to single out and express our deepest gratitude to Partisan Belarus, our major donor, for continuing support. Whoever you are, we are indebted for your help!

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HRF is a 501(c)3 charity organization and any funds donated are tax-deductible in the USA.