Ukraine Solidarity Fund

Ukraine Solidarity Fund

Support our efforts to deliver critical relief goods to Ukrainians.

On Thursday, February 24th, Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine. For over two weeks, Russian forces have been launching missile strikes on Ukrainian cities, shelling military and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, and advancing across the country with the goal of overthrowing the democratically elected Ukrainian government. Major Ukrainian cities, including Mariupol, Kharkiv, and the capital, Kyiv, are under constant attack and bombardment. Russian forces have indiscriminately targeted kindergartens, hospitals, orphanages, and aid corridors, forcing millions of people to flee or seek safety in bomb shelters.

HRF is partnering with Operation Sunflower, a coalition of Ukrainian and American relief teams delivering aid to Ukrainians trapped in the conflict zone. Our coalition is working directly with the Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine, local district leaders, Ukrainian business leaders, NGOs, civil society organizations, and volunteers to coordinate, receive and distribute aid throughout twelve of Ukraine’s most vulnerable regions.

Over the past several weeks, the Operation Sunflower team has created a network of drivers and volunteers on the ground that is able to deliver aid from neighboring countries to the people in Ukraine who need it most.

Donations to the Ukraine Solidarity Fund go toward providing stable shelf food, sterile medical equipment, essential medicines needed for survival, baby formula, diapers and creams, feminine care items, and other live-saving goods that are out of stock in regions under invasion and bombardment.

Your support also provides the ability to fulfill the ongoing logistical capabilities needed to deliver aid in a time of extreme crisis; this includes drivers, insurances, gas, landing fees, shipments, boxes, and payments for those risking their lives to get aid into Ukraine.

Donations can be made online using the donation form on this page, by check to the Human Rights Foundation (address below), or in Bitcoin (please visit

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