Afghanistan Community Aid

About Afghanistan Community Aid

Democracy has taken a big hit in Afghanistan following the Taliban’s takeover. Since the Taliban's repressive rule of the country, HRF sent aid to Afghanistan, which facilitated the evacuation of Afghan families and civil society organizations to safety. As evacuations have become more challenging and infrequent, HRF continues to support the education of girls and women through grants gifted to various community leaders and programs, like Digital Citizen Fund and Code to Inspire. We have helped underground, women-owned garment businesses that employ and mentor their all-women workforce. Our social development and humanitarian grants have provided enhanced nutrition, food security, and stable housing to over 100 families.

This help can’t stop. Through our civic engagement, we have sent an unwavering message to the Taliban: reopen schools for the young girls of Afghanistan who have the right to learn, cultivate, and experience the world’s enriching possibilities. Through our aid, we empower activists, enliven worthy grassroots programs, and bolster those still advocating for freedom in Kabul and beyond. We have provided a fond sense of solidarity that is otherwise abating.

The international community must not forget those abandoned in the last year, suffering the wrath of a brutal regime. Through increased support, HRF maintains that we must make meaningful strides toward solace for the Afghan people, and until that vision is realized, we will continue in our tireless pursuits. Join us in our plea for freedom by donating today.